Censorship: Czech news website and Czech public service TV have suppressed testimony about horrors in Gaza

10. 12. 2023

čas čtení 1 minuta

The Czech news server novinky.cz (formerly the communist daily newspaper Rudé právo) published and then immediately suppressed an interview with a Palestinian graphic artist who lives in the Czech Republic. She talked about the horrors perpetrated by Israel in Gaza.

The same thing happened recently on public service Czech TV. Yara recorded a five minute interview with her relatives in Gaza about their situation. It was never broadcast.

Czech media are deliberately keeping the Czech public in the dark about the horrors perpetrated by Izrael in Gaza.

"I had given a beautiful interview which I wanted to share with you. But after it was published on the news server Novinky.cz, it stayed there only for two hours.

I have again been affected by censorship, first it was Czech Television, now Novinky.cz

Why are different views being suppressed in this way? Why are my attempts to contribute to an open discussion silenced so quickly? What is Czech society afraid of?



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