Zeman again: European culture is incompatible with a culture of hatred towards infidels. EU must deport economic migrants and jihadists

13. 2. 2016

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Muslim refugees are incapable of integrating into European culture. There are jihadists among them who could be preparing terrorist attacks, said Czech Prezident Miloš Zeman at the conference entitled "Social Democracy in the 21st Century", which took place in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 12th February. Czech president continued:

"Social democracy should protect national interests, it should protect the historical roots of not only its own, but also of European culture and realize that this culture is incompatible with the culture of hatred towards infidels and with the culture which is based on the attempts to subjugate these infidels and to turn them into its slaves."

When we talk about migration, we forget about one adjective, and that is islam migration. It is impossible to integrate and to assimilate islam migration into European culture."

Zeman said that the muslim civilisation denies women access to education and to public appointments, (ignoring the fact that the Czech Republic has never had a female President or Prime Minister, while many muslim countries have had them). He also pointed to the fact that in his view, testimony of a muslim woman at court has only half of the value of the testimony of a muslim man. He praised the large community of the Vietnamese and the Ukrainians in the Czech Republic who, as he said, have been able to integrate well into Czech society.

Zeman continued: ""It is necessary to deport those who came here not as refugees from a civil war, but as economic migrants who do not want to work here but who want to live exclusively on social welfare, which of course in our country is a slightly different category of people, who are often called the "unadaptable" [i.e. the Roma] but there is no reason to increase the number of people in this category."

"The European Union has failed in its approach to the migration crisis. When the migration wave came, the EU lost time with endless twaddle which it called debate. The arguments that we should welcome immigrants because we need labour are nonsense," said Zeman, pointing out that the EU average unemployment rate is 11 per cent.

"2016 may be a watershed year for the European Union," warned the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico at the conference, adding, "The defence of the EU external borders has become a life-and-death issue. Fico warned that if the Schengen countries start closing their borders, this will have serious economic and political consequences. "The closed borders could mean the end of the European project," said Fico.

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